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 Welcome to everybody

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BeitragThema: Welcome to everybody   Welcome to everybody EmptyDi Sep 11, 2012 10:56 pm

Welcome to all guests and user who are from other countries and want to be part of discussions about vampires. You can open threads here and answer though if you are not registred. This topic is only about vampires, if you want to discuss other topics on this board aswell, write me a private message and I´ll open more boards for you. But for the beginning lets see how much english speaking guys will appear.

Here you´ll find the same generell rules like on other boards, politeful behaviour, nice treatment against others and you should accept the laws. This means dont post pictures who are from others, don´t use texts without a quote ( including the author ) and don´t post things which are pornographic or too brutal.

All the best and a fruitful beginning

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Welcome to everybody
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